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HipHelpsTech is migrating to KMi!

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No job too big; no job too small!

Custom Website Design and Development

Custom sites are great for those that do not need to make frequent edits to their site. Break from the mold and get your custom site today. Get your idea on the web!

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WordPress Website Design and Development

WordPress is no longer just for blogging. You can utilize the core structure as a psuedo CMS (Content Management System). You practically eliminate the need for a content manager, design or developer to make content edtis.

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KMi is a web site and web app delivery platform. KMi utilizes the latest development standards, as well as common accessibility back fill, encryption methods that are within the higher standards. This comes with abilities including but not limited to web page, web app, blogging, eCommerce and Realestate. It's compliant; its's responsive, use KMi for all your needs.

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Skills and abilities

The follow is a list of assets utilized for optimal development and/or design.  We'll keep this short for now due to the plethora of skills:

  • Scripting: PHP5+, CSS(3), jQuery, JavaScript
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal, JIVE, Oracle
  • Custom CMS: KMi
  • Software(s): Adobe CC suite

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